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Beefy Step Stakes (100 per box)

Beefy Step Stake 100
Beefy Step Stakes - The strongest and easiest to install yard sign stake ever!
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Product Details
Brand: Beefy Stake
: 100
: 1.63

The Beefy Step Stake™ is revolutionary, Not only will this stake save you and your customer money, but frustration with its easy assembly and installation. Only uses a Titanium Bi-product galvanized spring steel. These yard sign stakes have been shown in lab tests to be 6 times more resilient in the wind than that of both, the 10" x 30" H frame and other single stake designs. The easy-to-use step makes installing the Beefy Step Stake a breeze in just about any type of soil, even frozen ground. These yard sign stakes come standard with a galvanized coating for extra rust protection.

Beefy Step Stakes 26" (box of 100) 100 1000 5000 18,000 72,000
Price per step stake $1.63 $1.27 $1.05 $0.97 $0.89
number of boxes 1 10 50 180 720
Price per box of 100 step stakes $163.00 $127.00 $105.00 $97.00 $89.00

• Strong galvanized spring steel (6 times more resilient in the wind)

• Easier than the H-Frame to insert into the sign
• Easy to use step can be placed at the top of the sign or on the ground for effortless installation
• Cheaper to ship
• Ship signs individually with stakes
• Less expensive than the H-frames
• No more broken bottom rung

In addition to this, they are easier to assemble, cheaper to ship, and more versatile than anything else on the market. It takes 2 stakes for most signs, and for signs over 2'x2', we recommend using 4 Beefy Stakes per sign. Amazingly Beefy Stakes can hold up to a 2' x 4' sign! And they are the only viable option for irregular and round-shaped yard signs. Sold in boxes of 100 Beefy Step Stakes (enough for 50 24"x18" signs). Discounted shipping is not reflected in your cart on quantities of 10,000 or more.

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