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Rider Pins 8"

Rider Pins
8" Rider Pins are the best way to attach a sign topper
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Product Details
Brand: Rider Pins
Material: Galvanized rust resistant 9 gauge US steel
Packaging: 1 item = 1 box of 50

Allow you to add a sign on top

Rider pins are a popular yard sign stake that adding a smaller sign to the top of your sign and for putting small signs close to the Ground. These rider pins are 8" tall. The 8" rider pin is made a rust proof

9 gauge galvanized spring steel


Recently our 8" Rider Pins have also become a popular option for yard card signs. Most companies riders pins are not long enough to serve this purpose, but StakeWorld's 8" rider pin works wonderfully.


Sold in boxes of 50 Rider Pins (2 rider pins for each 24"x18" sign).

Rider Pins 8" (box of 50)501000500010,00018,000
Price per Rider pin$0.70$0.24$0.22$0.19$0.17
number of boxes120100200360
Price per box of 50 Rider Pins$38.00$12.00$11.00$9.50$8.50

Rider Pins have been around for a about as long as H-frames, but we've always found it strange that the industry standard pins are simply straight pins. This gave customers problems after a few uses because the pins would slide down into the signs. So, in response, put a kink in our pins to fit snuggly in the sign. Seems like a simple addition, and it does add a step to the production process, but the real point to be made here is that at, we are always looking for ways to improve products. We are able to do this because we are willing to listen to our customers’ needs and react appropriately.

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